” I was ready to cut your pony tail off.

So today I finally had my big psych presentation. My group was first and I was the first presenter.

If you ever met me in real life. You realize how much I like to talk.

But there is a big difference between liking to speak and public speaking.

I am not a big fan of public speaking. It also the reason, even though I cam sing, I don’t sing in public.

So back to my presentation. I was really nervous so I was playing with my hair.

I normally don’t play with my hair when I’m nervous. I guess I couldn’t help myself this time.

After the presentation was done, she was giving us “constructive criticism”.

She was telling us over all our presentation was a good presentation.

She from Australia I think so imagine the accent.

She said, ” Maybe next time not so much playing with your hair. It was very distracting. By the end of the presentation I was ready to your pony tail off! ”

To be honest I wasn’t sure wether to be offended or laughing. My group explained she meant it to be sarcastic.
I do have to say that is the most interesting thing a teacher or prof has ever said to me.

Lots of hugs! curious&finding

Longtime no see!

So to all whome it may concern. Sorry I’ve been gone so long but ill give you an update.

First my baby sister Onya was born. So that five siblings now. Two older 3 younger.

Haven’t talked to dam in months he won’t even reply to my messages. My dad and stepmom think he is involved in drugs . I think to my self, ” why did I end up with two brothers where life seems to be heading the wrong direction for them. My brother the schizophrenic and my brother the drug addict.

Thank you life.

Got a new phone. An I phone yesterday!

Hugs and kisses thanks for reading

The Racist Nature of Critiques of Islamic Culture

Considered Exclamations

There’s something that just has not managed to permeate the collective skulls of Western discourse, and by extension the atheist community. This something is second nature, an obvious sense, for anyone who takes part in or is schooled by radical progressive social movements. That thing is the nature of how racism works. And honestly, in this post, I don’t have a lot new to add to this conversation if you’re a regular reader of Crommunist’s, or of Crunk Feminists or the many many awesome bloggers who focus on racism out there. My only goal here is to tackle this beast that continually dogs atheists, and that they refuse to engage with in a really childish way: Islamophobia.

The particular strand of Islamophobia I’m going to talk about here is the sort that is directed from the atheist movement by its leading lights; for ten years now, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris…

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Quick nap time masterbation

I may have just had my first gspot orgasm. Decided to do a little pre nap masturbation.

I was watching porn of various types. I kinda like most thing
Some where I decided to attempt to find my gspot and I did.

Thank you Mr. Wild.
No only an orgasm but first gspot!
Yah to orgasm.

Lots of hugs! curious&finding

I’ve dreamed of him again!

I guess I should give you a little history of my dreams with Dam. Just to remind you if you havent read my page about who they are. Dam is my second oldest bro by father. So same dad different moms.

In the past I have had dreams about Dam. He is probably the only person I dream of on a more consistant basis. I have had many dreams of him. From him visting me in the hospital to him getting his eyes cut out which was my last dream of him.There is always this feeling like something wrong is happening with my bro. It scares me alot.  In most of my dreams he is leaving me, except for one where he was trying to talking to me and I drove away.

I may play that I could give a fuck what happening to my bro, but thats a lie. He is my bro and my family. I waould do anything for him, if he just let me in. We have a kinda complicated relationship. We dont talk and all that stuff! Enough of me rambling on.

So to the dream which by the way I didnt even realize I was having.

I was dreaming I was a work being a cashier. Which I am in real life. The store looked a lot different then the one I work in. I dream that my oldest bro Kev walked in and we were talking. I cant remember about what. Then he leaves, as he walking through the door in comes Dam. I try to anxiously wave at him, but he just ignores me.  His birthday just past by and many of my family members tried to contact him to wish him a happy bday. He has yet to respond. This is what is happening in real life.  I asked him ” How about saying hi.” His response was ” Why so  we can lie to each other.” Then he gets his stuff and leaves.

Part of me is just wondering what is going on in his life and if he is ok. At one point in his life I thought he was a drug dealer.

Dam I hope your ok.

I will always love you.

So Im back!

So I know it been for ever since I posted sorry for that.

Been going through a lot. School has stressed me out and so has home. Totally I don’t even know where to start.


My bro kev ended up in the psych ward for a week. In short version my bro told the doc he wanted to kill me. Lovely imagery. So his doctor stuck him in the psych ward. There something you have to understand my bro has never been violent in his disease. Oh and I haven’t seen him since saturday. Apparently he can’t handle me and my mom arguing.

Me and my mom have been arguing for as long as I can remember. I didn’t realize he even cared.

School stressing me out mostly my fault. I have been going a little bit of depression, I think. I didn’t get outta bed. I have a bad procrastination problem.

There so much else to say but I gotta sleep.
Be back soon

Lots of hugs! curious&finding